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What could a RF-THz imager allow that can’t be done now?

visualization of handheld

  • Suicide bomber detection: working at a safe/covert distance, check for contrast between skin, explosives, concealed weapons using non-ionizing, non-harmful radiation
  • Could use a 33 cm aperture (300 GHz) or 20 cm aperture (500 GHz) to resolve:
    • 2.5 cm features @ 8 m standoff
    • 6 cm features @ 20 m standoff
    • 15 cm features @ 50 m standoff
  • IED detection combined with ground-penetrating radar (GPR), particularly with polarization sensitivity
  • Locating an enemy hiding in a building
  • Standoff surveillance of a facility
  • Crisis response, locating hostages
  • Search and Rescue: Post-disaster, locating hurricane, earthquake, flooding, bomb victims
  • Port security: Scanning of cargo containers
  • Detect explosives on personnel (counter suicide bombers) or in concrete (IEDs)
  • Border security, detect people hiding in strange places in vehicles (under seats, dashboard, etc.)
  • Harsh weather navigation
  • Biometric/biological, chemical sensing